pet visits

15 mins = £6

30 mins = £8

45 mins = £10

60 mins = £14

2 hours = £18


Pet visits take place in the home, and are suitable for all animals including dogs, cats, other small furries, birds and reptiles. Pet visits are suitable for dogs such as puppies that are not old enough to go out yet, older dogs, those with a medical condition, or perhaps your dog just needs feeding, some company or a potty break. Longer visits can also include a short walk, playtime and tons of cuddles and fuss!

Pet visits are ideal for other animals should you be away or on holiday, so your pet needs caring for but you do not require home sitting. The visits can include feeding and watering, changing litter trays, cleaning out enclosures and administering medication. On top of this we are more than happy to do any additional bits and bobs such as opening/closing curtains, taking bins out and watering plants.

After each Pet Visit you will receive an update via email which will include a photo of your pet and all about what fun we’ve been up to!